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Learn together with The experiential learning platform

If you want to give learners an immersive learning experience proven to create a lasting positive impact, you can organise and deliver your sessions with award winning activities such as Colourblind and Seeing The Point.

Trusted by global brands and local trainers


Improve learner outcome

We believe that structuring specific learning experiences for people, and helping them to reflect on them to build better learning. It is characterised by less theoretical learning or lecturing, and more practical, personal learning that comes from the individual insights from our learners

Often these activities are focused on groups of people or teams, where leadership, team, communication, coaching and other skills can be rehearsed and developed.

“I would highly recommend these team activities, they are both fun and challenging, and can be used as a virtual energizer too.”

Fiona Wright the lego company
Fiona Wright, VP Marketing The LEGO Company
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Engage learners remotely

Distributed teams, global collaboration and remote working have fundmentally changes how we access personal and professional development. The ELT platform has been designed to allow organizations fo all sizes to conduct high quality, learner led training sessions with excellent outcomes.

“Thank you to you and the ELT team so much for working so diligently to put together a platform to quickly execute an impactful virtual teambuilding activity like Colourblind. We are tremendously grateful and can't wait to continue our RSVP journey.”

Christine Pietrusewicz Verizon
Christine Pietrusewicz, Senior Trainer Leadership Development - Verizon
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Platform built for training success

Tools for trainers built by a team with over 30 years experience in class leading experiential learning.

Email participants

Easily enage and notifty your session participants.

Manage trainees

Add, remove and change activities as your session plans change.


Feedback and insights on how successful your sessions have been.

Notes and progression

Add notes and support materials to help tailor your sessions.


Advice and opnion from class leading trainers and practioners.

Save time

Less time faffing more time conducting sessions.


Interactive activites that are fun and effective.

Build relationship

Help building lasting relationships between trainees remotely.

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Valuable Metrics

Trusted by trainers around the world

Used by leading practioners to deliver class leading training remotely. ELT has been used to conduct millions of hours of successful learning.

8K+ Companies use ELT for training.

25K+ Successful training sessions and counting.

98% Customer satisfaction amongst trainers.

2M+ Hours of learning using ELT activities.

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